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Bruni's Blog Launches

The latest of the Times' new blogs goes to none other than the great Frank Bruni (he does the restaurant reviews). Billed as a replacement to the Diner's Journal, of Friday Fine Arts fame, DinersJournal the blog is Frank's online megaphone. He has already, in fact, started shouting about Morimoto. (Fun stuff that Morimoto, 'ey, Frank?)

In his own introductory words, here's the idea:

This new blog is an attempt to capture and share more of my notes from the field. To provide, in something closer to real time, a sense of what’s being served in the city’s newest, oldest, most delightful and most frustrating restaurants and of how those restaurants are serving it. To flag trends and, less often and more selectively, flog underachievers. To report moments of real significance and incidents that just happened to be interesting...

Just as the “Diner’s Journal” in the Friday newspaper did, this “Diner’s Journal” on the web will offer quick, early peeks at restaurants that have just opened but aren’t yet ready to be reviewed.

At first blush, this does seem a rather positive development for us all. (Serious.) A reworking of Dining In/Out's approach to reviews and restaurant coverage is long overdue. What is curious, however, is that Bruni and not Flo Fab is blogging, as Food Stuff just screams 'blog'.

But maybe hers is next. For the time being, we say, Come on in, Frankie. Let the flogging begin!
· Diner's Journal by Frank Bruni [dinersjournal]