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powerHouse Blog Launches/Plywood Report

In other blog launch news, this one has launched to announce that Steve Tzolis of Il Cantinori and Periyali fame will be taking over 68 Charton Street on March 31st. Okay, so that annoucement is not exactly the purpose of the evicted tenant powerHouse Books' blog:

Dear powerHouse Friends,

After more than two years in residence as the most innovative and lively photography gallery, event space, and bookstore in downtown Manhattan, we are being evicted from our lovingly built home at 68 Charlton Street by catering/restaurant evildoers* on March 31, 2006. We are a bit down, but we are very far from out. Seizing the worn lemon aphorism as a metaphorical lifeline, we are busy planning lemonade—onward, upward, better, more diverse, varied, and intense—and our new location will be even more spectacular than our quaint space on this wretched and blighted street (which, you should know, should there be a new restaurant or food prep place here, is infested with rats that can never be conquered—as we have learned in the past two years).
*(Tzolis Catering, Periyali, and Il Cantinori, among others—Steve Tzolis, 32 East 10th, NYC 10003, tel 212.673.6044, fax 212.353.0534 should you wish to thank them for doing their best to destroy NYC cultural spaces and entities with greed, avarice, and abject philistine behavior)

Hey, there's a new Tzolis place opening on Charton in early Summer. Nice.
· powerHouse Books Booted Out By Marauding NYC Restaurateurs [powerHouse Books' 2006 Move via Augieland]

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