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Reports From V-Day Hell, Town Edition

There are few nights when Eater condones dining in, but you're forgiven for avoiding the insanity last night—especially if you'd considered booking in at Geoffrey Zakarian's Town. An Eater correspondent reports:

Worst experience ever. At least 20 couples' Valentine's Days ruined. Imagine a cage full of starving lions all fighting for one piece of overseasoned swordfish. We arrived at Town in time for our 9:45 reservation, warily walking past a murderers' row of anxious/irate looking couples at the bar. Hostess tells us they're running 20 minutes late. We head to the bar overhearing someone complain they've waited 40 minutes. Another person is yelling that they were told to wait 15 minutes—one hour ago. After 30 minutes, I too started asking the hostess about the situation—moving from stern curiosity to (20 minutes later) visible frustration to (another 20 minutes later) letting the F-bombs fly. Let's just say my response was one of the more controlled. We were seated at 11:20p for a 9:45 reservation. What the hell? The food wasn't even good either. Love is dead. Thanks TOWN!
Share a special moment of dining hell with a special someone last night? Do tell.
· Town [official site]