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DOH Inspections: The Grossest Offenders

The subject of Department of Health restaurant inspections is a bottomless well of satisfying but often downright disgusting information about which of our favorite restaurants will and will not increase our chances of getting food poisoning. After the Cuozz touched on this subject last week, we sent one of our top field agents deep into the DOH's new website to see what horror he could find. And horror he did find, friends.

Per the diagram above, an inspection score of below 28 is passing. Anything north of that requires a follow up inspection. That is to say, the higher a venue's score, the more frightening it is. For example, with a score of 42, Soho House failed their inspection.

Just ahead, some of our most favorite places that we'll likely never eat at again.

Justin's 82 (total score)
Sushi Seki 76
Stonewall Bar 67
Radio Perfecto 63
Serafina Broadway 55
Pylos 47
Soho House 42
Cafeteria 41
Jo Jo 38
Bao Noodles 37
Paris Commune 35
Halo Berlin 33
B.E.D. 28
(Jo Jo? Really?) Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Click through to see a great deal more nauseating goodness, including the bad news for Cosi, Lombardi's, Di Fara, O.G., The Park, Soho Cantina and many many more!
· Restaurant Inspection Lowlights [~E~]
· Restaurant Inspection Lowlights [~E~; .xls download]
· Restaurant Inspection Information [NYC DOH]

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