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Wednesday Food Section Buzzwrap

1) Waiting for European Union (right) to open on East 4th? The wait goes on. FloFab updates the odyssey of the liquor licenses that aren't in the East Village and the Lower East Side. Not much new news, except that in this case, no news is news. Still screwed as well: Apizz spinoff The Orchard, which remains BYOB.

2) Keil's got some fresh buzz. Namely, that restaurant partners David Emil and chef Tom Valenti are planning a new restaurant for Lincoln Center. Also of note: the second Mr. Chow, coming this spring on Hudson Street in Tribeca, "is a whopping 16,500 square feet." Zowie.

3) The Cuozz, fresh off a legendary column bemoaning ass cracks, raises his game again with a report on the webcams watching you while you eat from the ceilings of Manhattan restaurants. If you're a Vegas type, this sort of monitoring—underway at Jovia, Zoe, Daniel, and Per Se, among others—won't alarm you; if you're not, may we suggest a broad-brimmed fedora? (N.B. Who's really to blame? "The blogosphere blew open the once impenetrable world of kitchens and dining rooms. Everything now ends up on restaurant Web sites—clandestine photos, menus not yet made public, and inside dope on chefs, managers and customers." Who knew?)

4) In case you missed it: sweet mother of Jesus, Bruni is podcasting. [via The Food Section]

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