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Waverly Innsanity: Truffles Semi-Properly Disclosed, Graytown Improving

Regarding Trufflegate, Graydon Carter Edition, a note arrived at Eater a short-while ago that demands attention:


I don’t think Waverly is getting a fair shake on this macaroni and cheese issue. We ate there last night, and the white truffles were clearly marked on the menu – in fact the words “fresh white truffle” were every bit as prominent as the words “macaroni” and “cheese.” My wife ordered the mac and cheese (it was her birthday) and the waiter made a point of telling her the price when she ordered to give her a chance to change her mind. It’s true the portion of m&c isn’t huge, but the truffle shaving is generous (chef comes out of the kitchen to do it himself)…The guys at the table thought we would have preferred more m&c but the women at the table thought it was just enough, and any more m&c on the plate and the truffles wouldn’t have had the same impact.

This was our 2nd visit and our general observation is that the place is improving – our first visit was in its first week, and we saw marked improvement in the quality of the steak and the fries in particular. Steamed artichoke and a salmon tartar were pronounced lovely and were fairly priced. I had the pork chop which was very nice and came with a baked apple that was stuffed with cinnamon sticks and rosemary sprigs. Our only real complaints were that the otherwise competent wait staff didn’t know much about their cocktail and liquor offerings and that the maitre d’s (or is that maitres d’?) were about as welcoming as duane reade clerks. I want to hate this place but it’s one of the nicest new spaces in nyc with competent food at more than fair prices…
Indeed, an examination of the menu we revealed last month (as well as an update from Consumerist) confirms that there may have been some user error involved in the incident. Touche, Graydon Carter. We should have known better than to question the genius that is you.
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