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BREAKING: Sacco Selling Bungalow 8, Razing 27th St

Amy Sacco, the nightlife freight train who single handedly ushered in the age of clubs on West 27th Street, has announced her plans to sell Bungalow 8, the 27th Street club that started it all--and for the better part of the last decade has been far and away the toughest velvet rope in NY. Though it is not breaking news that 27th Street has become, as David Rabin said, "downtown Beirut" of Nightlife (or that Bungalow's hotness has waned of late), that Sacco is willing to part with her crown jewel is a stunning turn of events. Spencer Morgan for the Observer has the story and has quoted Sacco as saying, “I’m gonna do whatever I feel is necessary for myself. But I’m not going to stay if I can’t get my customers to walk down the block.

And so the woman who built West 27th Street Clubland now turns to the daunting task of tearing it all down.
· Nightclub Queen Gets Ready to Sell Her Chilly Hotspot [NYO]