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Bungalow 8 Update II: Sacco Maybe Just Airing Frustration, Maybe Not Selling

In the wake of Spencer Morgan's Bunglow 8 bombshell this morning, certain parties may be rushing to clarify their seemingly unambiguous comments to Morgan. From certain excellent sources we're hearing that Ms. Sacco may not have meant to say that she's actually selling Bungalow 8. She may have only intended to acknowledge that she's frustrated with the decline of Bungalow and its root cause: that the once barren -- and therefore white hot -- corridor of West 27th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues is now a cesspool of drunkenness and nighttime ugliness. And with 27th closed off to cars, many of the VIPs who enjoyed pulling right up to the door of Bungalow 8 can no longer do so. Here's the note of clarity we received:

it's really more that she's so frustrated that she's for the first time contemplating selling it. i think the fact that she was willing to go on the record about her possible departure, is indicative of the fact that she's probably really just blowing smoke.
All well and good and Amy Sacco is still a hero in our hearts, though she was more so a few hours ago when she showed a willingness to pawn-off her own flesh and blood in the name of staying hot.
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