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Zagat Tax Snafu Costs Subcribers $4.18

Bad news for Zagat subscribers. It seems that an accounting department mix-up is going to set NY-based subscribers back a whopping $4.18 a piece tomorrow, when credit cards on file are charged for taxes Zagat didn't collect last year. Get a load of this:

Dear [subscriber],

This letter is to inform you of a billing error associated with your subscription. According to New York State Tax laws, subscriptions are subject to New York State Tax. Therefore, your credit card will be charged $4.18 on December 7th, 2006, for past taxes due on your subscription. If you have any questions about this charge, please contact Zagat Survey at
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Zagat Survey Customer Service

After the jump, one customer reacts.
"Truly amazing...just got an email from Zagat telling me that I would be charged for back taxes because they forgot to calculate them! Well, it's been 11 months since the last Zagat charge and guess what? I don't work for that company anymore and that card was cancelled. But what chutzpah these guys have!"
We tend to agree. All in, 11 for Service, 10 for decor.