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The Drying of NYC: Warming Trends?

Is there not the general feeling in the air that the liquor is starting to flow a little more freely? With that pleasant thought in mind, let's serve up another installment of the Drying of NYC.


1) East Village: From the hellmouth that is Lower Avenue B, an alert Eater reader emails, "Thought you'd like to know that everyone's favorite 'restaurant' Le Souk is up for it's liquor license renewal. See the attached CB3 agenda." The agenda, excerpted above, is full of fascinating teases, but let's start with Le Souk. Though we're in the camp that's pleased CB3 relented on liquor licenses in the cases of E.U. and The Orchard, let's be clear: Le Souk is a real shitshow. On the other hand, the other troubled venue up for renewal, Avenue C's Zum Schneider, has waded through enough unfair crap this year; in its case, we'll be rooting for a renewal.

Also of note from the above grid: ah, a newcomer to the ex-Smith, ex-Starfoods space on East 1st? And 200 Allen Street is, of course, Jason Pomeranc's towering hotel/spa/thing taking care of business early. Finally, Nikki Max? We love it already.

2) Tribeca: The battle over a new location for frat boy partyhaüs Buster's Garage rages on, with a decision due in—er, two to three months. Party on-ish. [Tribeca Trib]

3) Tribeca: Finally, and perhaps most gallingly, Community Board 1 has approved a beer and wine license for a new spinoff of the popular West Village coffee shop The Grey Dog at the corner of West Broadway and White. Galling because this was the same space that the Liquor Store Bar tried for years to occupy before throwing in the towel back in August. Still, we wish Grey Dog proprietor David Ethan well; would-be liquor license applicants should study his strategy detailed in this Tribeca Trib story closely. The man is clearly a master. [Tribeca Trib via Gothamist]