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Plywood Vital Update: Cain's Skullfuck

UPDATE: She will be called, preposterously enough, Gold Bar. No bottle service, apparently. Sorry.

This sign, posted outside the former Odea space in Nolita, is a shining example of how to get the attention of Eater's Plywood team. The space, as you may recall, has been taken over by the folks behind the nightclub Cain, who apparently are planning something that will be "Bungalowesque" and include an exciting new customer service option known as "bottle service."

So Cain & Co. don't want anyone to know what's going on inside? Ooops. An Eater operative stole a look this weekend. His report, with bonus photograph of the Cain Vespa, after the jump.

Reports our operative, "A Plywood shed extends over the entrance of the former Odea space. The interior was gutted last week and inside is a large table where workers are painting thousands of Golden sculls and attaching them to an inside wall. Was accosted while trying to take a pic of the interior. As seen by the sign on the plywood, the owner is taking steps to keep this place a secret."

A goal which we wish them well with. With that in mind, triple Eater gold stars to the first reader to snag us a pic of the skullilicious interior.


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