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Dish Special: Swich Readies for Primetime, Epic Buzz Cycle

We are suckers for a good marketing concept, as you may know. So when an email arrived earlier to tout the post-plywood sandwich shop and design concept Swich, we'd be lying if we said there wasn't a fainter or two in the Eater newsroom. The concept brings together the design house The Apartment with non-restaurateur John Gargiulo, who hasn't run a food venue before but has a background in advertising. Here's a brief description of the project, from The Apartment:

gargiulo envisions the café as a daytime and late-night neighborhood meeting place. but whatever time it is, the resto will offer a radical new idea in the art of the urban sandwich-making it on the spot, not brought in from some truck with magic-marker faux grill marks drawn all over it. gargiulo also may incur the wrath of italians everywhere-he's making his panini-esque treats in greek, chinese and american variations.
Following previews tomorrow, the venue, at 104 Eighth Avenue, will open shortly thereafter, we're told. And so we brace for an epic showing of buzz -- and the exact formula for either a mega-hit or unmitigated, breathtaking disaster.
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