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EaterWire: Morandi Obsessing, Ducasse Rumoring, Single Room Occupancy Mourning

Johnypants confirms: all tourists all the time during the holidays at Balthazar. NB: Breakfast is the only good move until 1/2/07.

· A note received: "Baltahzar is going to OpenTable either today or tomorrow (read: internet reservations a la Danny Meyer). New Years rezzies start on 12/1. Morandi’s still not taking reservations, opening moved to January, we hear." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Also re Morandi, it is curious, if not down right frightening, that SLA lists our man McNally's Morandi liquor license as pending. SLA, you are on notice: if you screw with McNally, you screw with Eater. Kindly ink the Approved stamp and let's get on with it. [EaterWire]

· In the category of reckless rumor spreading, there's this: "Ducasse is closing, not moving, but closing. a man from the inside says they will never make it to the st regis (it was just a media red herring). new years eve will mark the official retreat of alain from new york." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Apparently, permit issues have left midtown diamond-in-the-rough Single Room Occupancy temporarily closed. From the TONY blog: "...the cops (mild-mannered and professional) were telling folks to settle up their tabs. The fuzz wouldn’t reveal all of the reasons behind the closing of the only cool bar in midtown, but one officer did tell us that Single Room Occupancy did not have the permit required to be in a building basement...when I called the bar today: “Hello, this is Single Room Occupancy,” recited the answering machine. “And due to some holidays, uh, coming up, we’ll be closed for the time being. Thank you for calling.” [TONY Blog]