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The Year In Eater 2006 (#6: Headline for '07)


Josh Ozersky, aka Mr. Cutlets: "Tot-Slay Suspect Awarded Three Michelin Stars"

Nosher & HungryMan, NYCNosh: "Naked Chef to Open First Eatery in Naked City"

William Tigertt, proprietor, Freemans: "Mr. Cutlets Struck Down by Trichinellosis in Savage Sausage Attack!"

Joshua David Stein, Gridskipper & Joanna Goddard, Bene Magazine: "Mario Batali and Isabelle MacNally Caught in Love Tryst"

Jennifer Leuzzi, Snack: "English is Not Italian"

Leslie Price, Time Out New York: "Illegal Foie Gras Dinner Clubs On the Rise"

Zach Brooks, Midtown Lunch: "Hundreds of Cops Indicted for Eating Confiscated 'Evidence' After Trans-Fat Ban Takes Effect"

Adam Kuban, SliceNY: "E. Coli Found in Wheat-Based Products; Pizza, Burger Buns Declared Unsafe to Eat"

Andrea Strong, The StrongBuzz: "Gordon Ramsay Replaces Simon Cowell on American Idol"

BL: "Meehan's $25 Chastity Belt Unlocked"

LS: "BLT Bed-Stuy Opening Marks 133rd Outpost for Growing Tourondel Empire"

And with that, we're done here for 2006. Thanks to everyone who tipped, advised, criticized, or otherwise helped Eater along in the past year. We're back January 2, 2007. Until then, the salad bar is closed. —BL&LS