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Eater Appreciation: Noah Kalina

We're moments away from dropping the first part of our 2006 year-end wrap. But the year wouldn't be complete without a note about Noah Kalina, our longtime Eater photographer who fashioned himself into a bona fide YouTube celebrity earlier this year. His latest photo project, one shot of which is seen above, brings what we call Maximum Kalina to the world of celebrity. Enjoy.

(Also, to the restaurateurs among us? Noah's available to shoot. Hire him already.)
· everyday/celebrity [noahkalina/Flickr]
· Noah Kalina Photography []

At this time of reflection, we also send our thanks to Eater's other main contributors this past year: photographer Michael Harlan Turk; columnists extraordinaire William Tigertt and Steven Kamali; former contributing editor Eva Hagberg; and intern extraordinaire Jason Kessler. Couldn't have done it without y'all.