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Adventures in Shilling #005: Year-End Edition

Brief housekeeping note: the Christmas hangover lasted longer than we planned. Sorry for our absence yesterday. Today, we'll be clearing the Eater inbox of its remaining 2006 detrius before launching into the Year-End Review tomorrow and Friday.

One of our favorite features this year has been the wild, wonderful world of shilling. If you're new to the site, links to our Adventures in Shilling are stacked at the bottom of this post. But before that, an alert reader sends along "a collection of extraordinarily suspicious 'member reviews' for Papatzul on Zagat" that suitably round out the year with one final adventure:

Reviewed by *DebbieN3117* on 10/13/2006. Member since October 2006, Total Reviews: 1 (40s, New York, NY)
The food is truly delicious, creative, though authentic, and very fresh and served with beautiful presentation and thoughtfulness. The seafood ceviche with light citrus flavor and avocado creme, the duck enchiladas with an almond mole and the chile poblanos were fantastic! Great bar with many tequilas to choose from. The atmosphere is warm and full of life and the service and owners are very friendly and attentive. I will definately return again and again to this gem of a place!

Reviewed by *DeborahA270937* on 10/16/2006. Member since February 2006, Total Reviews: 1 (New York, NY)
I have thoroughly enjoyed several meals at Papatzul, the food is exellent! The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the decor casual yet elegant. I have found the servers to be professional and well informed. I usually spend between $33.00 and $38.00 per meal.

Reviewed by * ckelly4849* on 11/08/2006. Member since November 2006, Total Reviews: 1 (New York, NY)
Interesting and sophisticated Mexican food that is fresh and authentic and delicious .Lovely ,welcoming ,relaxed atmosphere with really good service. Great bar with yummy margarita's and a long list of fine tequila's.

Goodness, it's like a clinic in shilling! Shill probability: 99.44%.
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Thanks to all who helped us fight shills this year. The fight continues in the new year. Won't you join us?