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Week in Reviews: Massively Abbreviated Edition

1) The Eater oddsmakers got the holiday off, so who knows what they would have predicted for The Bruni's trip to Upper East Side sushi arriviste Sasabune:

Sasabune exemplifies a certain kind of sushi restaurant and experience: the tiny, simple, serene refuge that inspires a cult of devotees, who equate instruction with enlightenment, surrender with liberation.
It's affordable, tasty, well-seasoned... and worthy of 1 Bruni Star. Feh.

Elsewhere (we were serious about that 'abbrievated' part): The Cuozz on the sushi beat at the World Financial Center's Itsu, Meehan at Korean-Chinese hybrid Guh Song in Queens, Strong at Soho shillhaven Papatzul, Paul Smalera files for NYPress at Kampuchea, Augie checks back in at Blue Hill, and Ian Knauer files (sort of) from Varietal.