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EaterWire Midday Edition: Another Blow For E.U., Morandi RESY!, Tenement Shuttered?

Because the very idea of structure is antithetical to the spirit of this week, let's roll out some midday Wire.

· The last week of 2006 wouldn't be complete without news from cursed gastropub E.U., and today we have FloFab to do the honors: "Sarah Ochs has left E.U. (European Union) in the East Village. Ned Elliott has taken her place." Additional commentary superflous. [Off the Menu]

· It's not like we need to say this again, but for those who've been dozing: expect the word Morandi to dominate your dining consciousness in Q1'07. As Keith McNally prepares to open the doors at his new West Village Italian, Gridskipper drops a phone number you want need to add to your speed dial. Now. In its honor, a very special RESY reported just moments ago: "morandi -- 212-627-7575 -- Hello? Uhh... Billy is the guy to talk to, he's back in 5-10 minutes. You call back?" [EaterWire Staff/Gridskipper]

· There's ShutterWood in the works for later this afternoon, but these twin reader reports from the Lower East Side are presented here as unconfirmed but highly plausible: a) "There's a sign in the window of Tenement at 157 Ludlow saying that they'll be closed for the holidays, but I've seen the employees loading equipment into vehicles at night. I'm pretty sure they're closing, but you didn't hear it from me!" b) "tenement on ludlow st. is closed (sign says for holiday but....) any idea of what's going in there? One can only hope they don't replace this restaurant with another fucking bar. Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington does NOT need more bars..." [EaterWire Inbox]