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ShutterWood YEAR-END BLOWOUT: Kool Bloo, Temple o' Wine, Montrachet?, Kitchenette, Tequila Chito, etc., &c.

It's Eater's last installment of Plywood/Shutter reports for 2006, again brought together under the ShutterWood name. Strap in: we've got an eight-pack coming straight at you.


1) Soho: A reader emails about a new establishment we've been digging the visuals on, too: "Kool Bloo -- 24hr carry-out eatery on 6th ave at Watts/Broome...looks to be opening within the next week. Great signage addition to the neighborhood." [POST-PLYWOOD]

2006_12_smithst.jpg2) Cobble Hill: "I live around the corner from this old Jewish temple that is being turned into an upscale wine bar (right). It's on 368 Atlantic between Bond and Hoyt -- about two blocks from trendy Smith Street. I believe the owner is from Texas. Heard it could open next month but looks there's still plenty of work to do." [PLYWOOD]

3) Tribeca: What of Montrachet, shuttered since summer but with promises of a "post-Labor Day" reopening? Sayeth a tipster, "Montrachet has been under renovations for quite some time now and the wine was sold at auction." Paging Drew—what's the word, sir? UPDATE: Word from a trusted insider: "We are hoping to reopen in the near future." [SHUTTERWOOD]

4) Tribeca: Reports a special Eater correspondent, "Kitchenette in Tribeca, west bway and warren, shuttered and cleaned out. No further details. Baffling because they were always so busy." [SHUTTER] UPDATE: Notes an angered reader, "It moved around the corner to Chambers btw. W. Bway and Hudson St. you bufoons [sic]." Confirms another, less peeved reader, "They moved to Chambers Street between West Broadway and Greenwich to a larger location." [RELOCATION]

5) Chelsea: "Not sure what is going on with French Oven in the Chelsea Market, but it's currently closed with paper covering the windows, (although the sign is still hanging). It better not be closed for good, it's the best chocolate almond croissant in the city." [SHUTTERWOOD]

6) Chelsea: Here's confirmation of a previous Shutter rumor, and a hint of life: "Chelsea Bistro on W. 23rd St. closed, to be replaced by something (Mexican?) called Tequila Chito." [SHUTTERWOOD]

7) Lower East Side: "Saw you have LoSide as closed on the deathwatch -- I walked by there recently and looked in since I had seen it on a previous deathwatch. They had a sign up that they were doing renovations; though I know that 'renovations' usually means 'closing' and generally trust you guys to know better than I on this stuff, it did look like they were actually renovating. I saw workers in there, and it looked like they were actually making improvements rather than just tearing everything out to make way for a new restaurant. I believe, but am not sure, that the sign said it would be coming back sometime in January." [SHUTTERWOOD/ DEATHWATCH/ ETC / &C.]

8) West Village: Finally, from the lens of Kalina, this view of Pong, a "high-profile dessert bar" in development on West 10th:


Thanks to all our Plywood and Shutter tipsters this year. We couldn't do this without you. Seen something ready to open, or close up? We're always listening.