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Dept. of the Inevitable: Tourondel Teams With Trump

For chef Laurent Tourondel, the concept of "stretched thin"—even when backed by considerable supporting evidence—doesn't play. Which is why today's big news, broken by the real estate trade magazine The Real Deal, probably shouldn't have surprised us:

Renowned Chef Laurent Tourondel, who already has four BLT restaurants in Manhattan and another set to open in the Ritz-Carlton New York, is going to run food and beverage services in the Trump Soho Hotel Condominium New York. Called BLT Soho, the restaurateur's team will run the restaurant, room service, bars and conference areas at the condo-hotel, said Julius Schwarz, executive vice president for Bayrock Group, one of the developers of the project.
There's more to be said about this, and Tourondel's increasing oversaturation in general. But let's see if Trump even manages to build this thing first, eh?
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