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Drying of NYC: CB3 Parties, Does Not Want Others To

Across the CurbedWire yesterday came this reader report of some interest:

I found it interesting that the CB3 holiday party was at the Magician last night—considering their generalized hatred of bars in the EVIL and LES. It was quite a large party, spoke to about 10 members about their lack of licensing new restaurants and bars—they were quite lively in discussing and still adamant that issuing more liquor licenses are detrimental to 'community living'—even licenses to restaurants. My favorite quote was that the problem is with gentility, 'new york used to be gentile'—huh? Not sure how the blocks of bucket dropping, rioting squatters and drug running kids constituted gentility. Old Hollywood movies depicting singing happy holiday crowds is not reality—nice thought though.
Community Board 3, you crazy rogues. Anyone with party pics, do send them our way.
· CurbedWire: CB3 Celebrates [Curbed]