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Essential Update: Petite Abeille Alive, Well on W17th

Yesterday, we ran a Shutter report than included word of a Petite Abeille shuttering in Chelsea. Thus began an inbox deluge the likes of which Eater has not seen in some time, friends. Among the correspondence:

· "Regarding the Petit Abeille shutter report: it hasn't shuttered, it simply moved to the other side of 6th avenue. Its now at 44 w. 17th street. Hard to find because it is beneath some construction scaffolding."
· "It's been closed for a while, they reopened on 17th btwn 5+ 6th ave."
· "18th street branch closed in September 2006. Reopened around the corner on 17th street."
· "The latest shutter reports that the 18th St. branch moved to 17th St. This happened several months ago, and there were signs in the window of the 18th St. location pointing people to the new space."

Conclusion? Petite Abeille has a dearer place in our collective hearts than we'd dared conceive. (And thanks, as always, to our alert, mussel-loving tipsters.)
· Petite Abeille [Official Site]
· The Shutter: Petite Abeille [~E~]

BONUS NON-SHUTTERAGE! Emails a reader, "Maffei's is already back open. It has been all week. Doesn't look any different. The grandma slice is still great."