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EaterWire: Morandi Gets Freezers, March Overhaul, Markt Takes Sascha

· Installation began this week on Morandi's freezer unit. The photo above is the scematic for said freezers. We just thought you'd like to know. [EaterWire]

· Flo Fabbing: "After more than 16 years Wayne Nish and Joseph Scalice are closing March, their town house restaurant, on Jan. 1 to make it less formal. Later in the month, with the tablecloths gone, Mr. Nish will start serving a new à la carte menu. The current chef, Harold Moore, will depart. [NYT]

· Cutlets provides a coda to the shuttering of Sascha: "We have it that the owner of Sascha's space, Robert Romanoff, has rented it to Markt's people, who will soon shutter and retreat from 14th Street and Ninth Avenue to Gansevoort Street, in what appears to be an effort to get out from under an oppressive lease." [Cutlets]