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Deathwatch: Rice on Mott

The saddest of all Deathwatches are those in which a deserving restaurant appears likely to go under through no fault of its own. Such is the case with today's patient, the addictive Thai fooderie Rice on Mott Street in Nolita. As this listing at CityFeet makes clear, the lease on the bifurcated ground-level retail space that's home to Rice is very much up for grabs. Confirms the broker via email, "The entire space is being used by Rice, can be taken separately or together, available for feb 1st, $6,500 for each space."

Rice fans know the eatery has three other outposts around the city, but for those in the Mott Street neighborhood, it sadly looks like time to eat up.
· Listing: 227 Mott Street [CityFeet]
· Rice [Official Site]