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The Shutter: Rangole, Aron's, Siberia, Googies, Maffei's, &c.

Quite the week of restaurant carnage. The pain continues with another installment of The Shutter, reporting on bar and restaurant closings around town.


1) Midtown: Midtown Lunch has been on the midtown Shutter beat as of late. Indian buffet Rangole, on West 46th, has cleared out (above), as has Aron's on East 48th. [Midtown Lunch]

2) Hell's Kitchen: Dated news at this point, but for posterity's sake: legendary midtown watering hole Siberia enjoyed its last night of operation last Thursday. It will be missed. [Gawker]

3) Upper East Side: Emails a reader, "Longtime neighborhood diner Googies has closed." [Menupix]

4) Chelsea: A reader filed this report a few days back: "Walked by old favorite Maffei's Pizzeria this morning, and saw ye olde yellow 8x11 sticker closed by order of Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, dated December 4, 2006. Now Maffei's has some of the best slices and Grandma sicilian slices in town, not to mention killer calamari salad. Meanwhile the store ingeniously had plastered 'UNDER RENOVATION' signs all over the windows, and sure enough, workers were really busy doing modifications. In my twice-monthly visits over the past year or so, I've noticed the place was a disgusting mess, but that was sort of the charm. For sure when it reopens it will be better than ever, but I wonder about the thousands of roaches and mouse droppings that got mixed into the food. Oh well, at least those slices were hot out of the oven; beats a Taco Bell e coli scallion any day!"

5) Chelsea: "When did the Petite Abeille west side location on 18th street shutter? Tried to grab brunch there on Saturday, and found that it was closed -- although the awnings are still hanging."

6) Morningside Heights: The Columbia Spectator reports on a sad imminent shuttering: "The owners of La Rosita, a Cuban diner on Broadway between 108th and 109th streets, will close shop at the end of December, citing the $18,000 monthly rent for the space." [via The Real Estate]