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Adventures in Shilling #004: Dining Fever Edition

It's time now for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we celebrate the grossest shills from the Eater Inbox and beyond.

DiningFever, which is essentially a a clearing house for Deathwatch nominees and their panic-informed, 20% off deals, has emerged as a champion shill. Here are three versions of the shameless comment they've been posting the Web over of late:

1) On Curbed:

"I just had an awesome burger at Hurley's in the theater district. It was a ten ounce burger, and I topped it off with fried onions, mushrooms and bacon. The best part was that I saved 20% by going to The site is updated regularly with excellent deals on NYC restaurants, check it out!"

Shill Probability: 100%

2) On the Bruniblog:

Hey, I love your blog, but I am interested in dining deals in NYC. Lately I’ve been checking out which is a site that is constantly updated with great deals for dining out in New York City. Currently they have discounts at Delmonico’s, Roy’s and Arte Cafe among others. Check it out!

Shill Probability: 100%

3) And at The Food Section:

"I think that included in this greatest gift roundups should be The site is regularly updated with excellent discounts for dining out in NYC. I recently took some family to Arte Cafe on the upper west side. Our bill was almost $200 and with the discount we received 20% off for a savings of $40. Great for when you need to take out your out-of-town guests without breaking the bank!"

Shill Probability: 100%

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