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Sirio Maccioni: 'I am firing the chef'

Foodie writer Gael Greene has the latest on the kitchen shuffle at Le Cirque. Confirmed: Sirio Maccioni, unable to come to terms with Pierre Schaedelin's latest Times two-star review, is replacing his chef. "I am firing the chef," are his exact words, per Greene. The front runner to replace Schaedelin in the kitchen is, as Snack had reported last week, Christophe Bellanca, though Sirio maintains his search goes on.

“[Bellanca] came twice to work in the kitchen and got along well with the staff. He says he wants to work for Le Cirque, but he is going to France first. What does that mean? Then he is not free till January 15. We are so busy. I am talking to other chefs.”
As for Schaedelin, officially, he has not been fired. Instead, the offer on the table is for him to become Le Cirque's 'corporate chef,' focusing on new Le Cirque venues worldwide.
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