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Eater Inside: Pera

[Kalina, 12/14/06.]

Though billed as a 'Mediterranean brasserie', the month-old Pera (named after a history melting pot neighborhood in Istanbul) is a Turkish restaurant, certainly by NY standards. It is the debut restaurant of co-owners Burak Karaçam and Cem Erenler, whose families have history together in their native Turkey. Karaçam's background is in business (hence the savvy 'Mediterranean brasserie' versus a less focus-group friendly 'Turkish') and Erenler's is in hospitality; the Four Seasons Hotel, Hudson Cafeteria and Regent Wall Street are all on his CV.

In the kitchen, co-Exec chefs are Sezai Celikbas and Jason Avery. Their menu put a strong emphasis on grilled meats and 'Mediterranean' spices. Early buzz has been quite good, especially given its Midtown East location, where refined Turkish food is scarce.

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