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Eater Mailbag: Jamba Juice, Starfoods, and 'The Shit'

From the Eater Inbox to your screen. Want to get in on the fun? We're listening. Anonymity always assured.

"I was probably one of the 3 people this person saw walk into the store. As I was reading the posted sign, there was a Jamba Juice employee standing inside who motioned to me to come in. He explained that the reason they were closed was purely administrative, someone had neglected to renew a permit. He then gave me a coupon for a free smoothie and directed me to the nearest JJ (12th St & 6th Ave). One should always stop at JJ when they are closed for some reason during regularly scheduled business hours -- it's their policy to offer a free smoothie coupon to ensure their customers return. This happened to me once before when I visited one in SoHo and they had lost their power."

"As someone who does live directly above the proposed sklylight, I appreciate the heads up. I will now do my best to work with Community Board 3 and the rest of my neighbors to make sure this never happens. And, please, I'm not a killjoy, but I've already been driven out of a great apartment when Fontana's opened up on the ground floor of my then-apartment building, in a space I was assured by the landlord would not be sold to any business that would be selling liquor or have night hours. I enjoy the bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, but have this crazy idea that I should be able to sleep when I'm in my way-over-priced apartment."

"In reference to your Daniel story and truffles and stars. A very good, close personal friend is a server at Daniel for quite a while and relayed this P.Diddy story to me a long time ago. However, as he stated it, as he was present: The Diddy, who I think back then was Puffy, said to the waiter: "Hey, shave that shit on it. You know the shit!? Shave the shit!"

My friend also explained that the first time Puffy brought Jay -Z in they had a nice time, and heard the following exchange:

Jay-Z: Hey I should bring my girl here. (we can only assume Beyonce)
PD: Yeah
JZ: I am going to go talk to that guy (pointing to Daniel who had briefly emerged form the kitchen)
PD: (Acting annoyed) You don't want to talk to that guy, he's bullshit, he's just the cook. You want to talk to that guy (pointing to the Maitre D'). That's the guy to talk to.

Ahhhhhh....celebrities and their wealth of knowledge regarding the temples of Foodie-dom."