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MEGA-PLYWOOD REPORT: Grey Dog, Westville, Tasca, Barcibo Enoteca, California Pizza Kitchen, BelDel Mania!!!

1) Central Village: An Eater reader emails, "Barring any unforeseen breakdown in lease negotiations (and they can and do happen) the much-beloved (and super-delicious) Grey Dog's Coffee will be expanding, opening in the recently vacated Hardware store, 90 University Place (11th/12th). Might as well get in line for breakfast now!" Given the Grey Dog planned expansion to Tribeca, too, these be giddy days for owner David Ethan. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: More microexpansion. Charming West Village microeatery Westville is heading east. Notes a tipster, "I walked by the corner of 11th and A yesterday and saw a sign touting Westville - coming soon! I am extremely excited, as I live only two blocks north. However, I wish it better luck than the two former residents, an awful Italian restaurant called Angelo della Pasta that shuttered after 6 months and a junky pizza joint." [PLYWOOD]


3) West Village: "This place (above, 7th Ave S at West 10th St) that you've mentioned before is finally plywood-free after more than a year behind boards. Apparently it will be called Tasca and is billing itself as a tapas and wine bar. Personally, I'm more excited about the Peruvian chicken down the street, but who knows -- maybe it will be good." [POST-PLYWOOD]

4) Upper West Side: "An avid reader of the site, I thought I should go straight to you with this: Do you know anything about a new place Barcibo Enoteca opening on Broadway and 69th--next to the Tani shoes? We are desperate for even halfway decent dining along that stretch. Yes, Telepan is a blessing, but Dan Tempura House's noisome presence invades the corner nightly, and despite its 'free central park delivery,' It's a Wrap! is in need of some 'Wichcraft. So any news? I'll temper my excitement in the interim." Alas, we're empty on this. Who knows what we don't? [PLYWOOD]

5) Murray Hill: File under news that will excite few: "Thai Chicken Pizza lovers rejoice! Signs went up yesterday on the corner of Park Ave South & East 30th Street for a California Pizza Kitchen 'Opening spring 2007' in the space recently vacated by Design & Comfort furniture. I wonder if we are sending a NY Pizza Kitchen to LA in exchange." [PRE-PLYWOOD]

6) BelDel: "I noticed a sign for a new coffee house going into the space next to El Bocadito on Orchard Street - I can't remember the name (I think that's because it's some bad pun on 'Grounds') and am only assuming it's coffee-related based on the clip art on the sign... but in any case if it IS a coffee house, it seems like an odd decision to put one so close to 88 Orchard (not to mention on a block where all the restaurants seem to be struggling/closing...)" [POST-PLYWOOD]

7) BelDel: "Perhaps you've already posted, but there's a new Two Boots Pizza coming to the L.E.S. on Grand and Suffolk. Big news." Indeed, we first heard word of this back in August. What's taking so long? [PLYWOOD]