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SECRET Luger Payment Policy: Debit Cards Accepted

What is pictured above -- and you'll just have to trust on this, as those involved have been extremely cagey, possibly for fear of getting banned -- is a debit card receipt sitting on a table at Peter Luger, for a meal at Peter Luger, in Brooklyn. Indeed, Eater has learned that there exists a secret payment policy at the famous steakhouse: debit cards are accepted. Though their website clearly states a policy to the contrary...


...there is no longer a need to have wads of cash on hand for your porterhouse pilgrimages. In fact, for the right patrons, the usually gruff waiters will even inform you of the policy. An Eater operative: "As I got up to find an ATM (no my dinner guests were not kind enough to tell me of the cash thing before hand), my waiter stopped me and said I could pay with debit."

This is hard to swallow, yes. Take a moment to regain your composure.
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