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Law & Order: Basabe's Bungalow 8 Assault Charge Dropped, Wendy's Sued

The Post, which, as you can see, was gratis courtesy of Megu in some parts today, has two small tidbits at the intersection of law & order and the Eater scene. Shall we?


1) Fabian Basabe, who had sued Bungalow 8 and its doorman Armin Amiri saw the charges dropped this week when the Manhattan DA found insufficient evidence to back Basabe's claims. Basabe's Plan B, per his lawyer: "We are asking for $1 million punitive and for compensatory damages against Bungalow 8 and Armin Amiri. Bungalow 8 requires people to order a minimum number of bottles of alcohol or whiskey, which is a contributing factor to inebriation." As are bored low-end celebs, one imagines. [NYP]

2) Wendy's is being sued in federal court by an 18-year old girl who claims her boss, an assistant manager, "repeatedly sexually assaulted, battered and harassed" her. Though the EEOC dismissed the complaint, the manager's been fired and the legal paperwork has been filed. Not that fast food is really our beat, but with Taco Bell out of the equation and now this, the pickings are growing slim. [NYP]