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EaterWire: Le Souk Dissed, Stand Set to Open

· As promised, a Drying of NYC Update: Our old friend Le Souk, the Lower Avenue B hellpit, keeps on giving. Eater operatives lurking at the Community Board 3 meeting earlier this week watched the owner beg for his liquor license renewal after 55—count 'em, 55—complaints to 311 so far this year. After a rep for the restaurant declared, "Le Souk has been written up in numerous publications for our restaurants and popularity of our restaurants... It has national and international fame," the CB board member shot back, "What about the last four years of your life when everyone's life has really sucked?" Touché. Board voted to deny; full vote December 19. Meantime, it was smooth sailing for Avenue C's Zum Schneider, which was also up for renewal so long as they keep closing the street tables down by 11pm. [EaterWire Staff]

· Field report from Jonathan Morr's Stand, the spiffy burger joint in the old Yujin space on East 12th: "Probably open by the weekend. Walked by this aft and there were cooks working away in the back." [EaterWire Staff]

· Food consultant Michael Whiteman, he of the 2007 trendlist, sends along this playful note: "Mercy! I have misspelled the word for riotously colored thingees. Particolored it is and shall be! A genuflection to the spelling mavens. To the person who 'already hated all those (trends) in 2006': Did he hate the predictions or the trends, most of which happen to have happened, if I may use the same word twice in a sentence without roiling things among the wordsmiths?" [EaterWire Inbox]