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Rumor Confirmation ALMOST COMPLETE: Schaedelin's Replacement ID'd

The estimable Ms. Snack has it that beginning in January Le Cirque Chef Pierre Schaedelin -- who is rumored to be departing -- will share the kitchen with Christophe Bellanca, late of LA's L'Orangerie. L'Orangerie is closing at the end of the year to make way for a new Nobu.

Though Snack says Pierre isn't leaving, this lessening of his actual cooking duties does give him time to peruse other projects, inside or outside the Le Cirque empire. It's conceivable that he and Sirio have reached a compromise of sorts, keeping the kitchen on solid footing for Le Cirqueus while allowing Pierre to cook elsewhere.

One imagines, in fact, that the brouhaha went down as such: Step one, Pierre announces his departure; Step two, Sirio says, please, let's figure something out; Step three, Pierre says, let's hear what you've got in mind; Step three-point-five, Magrino says l can't keep the wolves away for much longer, get your house in order, Sirio; Step four, Pierre is promised his own restaurant for 2007. That's one possible scenario, at least.
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