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BREAKING: Park Avenue Cafe To Remain Open

This just in on the EaterWire:

Park Avenue will remain open, despite a challenging battling to renew its lease over the past several months. Park Avenue Café (100 East 63rd Street, 212-644-1900) has received joyous news this holiday season – that its lease in the landmarked building at 100 East 63rd Street has been extended for ten years. The restaurant will remain open and will continue to serve its New American menu with an emphasis on local produce in the lovely dining room overlooking Park Avenue.

After learning in early November that the Park Avenue Café lease extension would not be approved by the board, The Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group reported that the restaurant would close on January 1, 2007 to the Securities and Exchange Commission, in order to provide employees proper notice. After this announcement was made, future events were cancelled, reservations have not been accepted for 2007, and employees had begun the process of finding new employment. With the news of the extension, the restaurant is working diligently to let its customers, employees, and clients know that the restaurant will remain open for business without interruption.
That, from official PR sources. More shortly, if necessary.
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