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'Party-Colored Beets': 2007 Buzzword Preview

NYC-based restaurant consultants Joseph Baum and Michael Whiteman email along their Top Dining Trends for 2007 report. Prepare yourself to hate the following buzzwords by February at the latest:

Marcona almonds, sweet potato vinegar, aji peppers, potatoes bravas, flavored salts, party-colored beets and other baby root vegetables, house-cured meats and fish, fresh curd cheese, slow-poached eggs, Spanish hams and sausages, humanely raised cattle, American caviar, pastel hued cauliflower, molecular gastronomy, yuzu, bahn mi Vietnamese sandwiches, gnudi, savory ice creams, wildly decorative cupcakes, slow cooking at home, matcha green tea powder.
For more prediction pain—"tropical superfruits, chef-driven steakhouses, Peruvian cuisine, ethical eating, exotic salts, wildly flavored chocolates, and molecular gastronomy are on the menu for 2007"—click through and download the full PDF.
· Restaurant Consultants Predict Top Trends for 2007 [Baum & Whiteman]

UPDATE: Two reader emails: a) "Wait, I already hated all those in 2006! Also, don't you imagine they must have meant 'particolored, adj.: having sections or patches colored differently?'" b) "Baum & Whiteman may know their onions, but they sure don't know their adjectives. What they mean is parti-colored: showing different colors or tints. Doesn't anyone out there own a dictionary?"