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Plywood Report Nighttime Edition: Buffa's, Burgers & Cupcakes

As the days grow shorter, more Plywood activity takes place under cover of dark. Today, two reports on locations previously 'wooded. Bundle up.


1) Soho: As has been extensively documented, Buffa's, the legendary diner at the corner of Lafayette and Prince, has been shuttered for a full revamp since the summer. It wasn't until last week, though, that plywood encased the establishment (above left). [PLYWOOD]

2) Chelsea: As promised, Burgers & Cupcakes is readying its second outpost, this one in the original NYC Krispy Kreme outlet on West 23rd Street (above right). Observes blogger Crazy Fingers, who snapped this pic, "I wouldn't imagine there would be a market for such cuisine midway between New York Sports Club (to the west) and David Barton Gym (to the east), but there it is. I wish it better luck than the Krispy Kreme." [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]