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Dish: Belgrade, Pardo's, Kampuchea

Oh my my, oh hell yes.

1) Belgrade: The bar under Bar Martignetti (which itself opened last night, at long last) will debut this Saturday night. It's a well-built sub-grade space, book-lined (via books by-the-foot from Strand) and just un-speakeasy enough to avoid an eye roll. Also, Anthony Martignetti gave us his personal assurances that there will be no list and no line. If you want to come in, "just ask" are his instructions. Access is through a door just north of Bar Martignetti on Centre Street and Broome.

2) Pardo's: The west village has a new rotisserie chicken spot, in the form of this Peruvian import. Though the chain has been around for two decades, this is their Five Borough, and North American, debut. A report from the scene, received at Eater yesterday: "Pardo's - a peruvian rotisserie chicken chain- just opened its first north american franchise in the west village on 7th ave near bleecker. They were giving out free food the other night. It has a bit of an identity crisis- $6 for a half chicken and $9 cocktails. But the chicken was pretty tasty. Lots of excitement among the staff and mostly peruvian clientele." [NYM]

3) Kampuchea: At the epicenter of Hell Square is this new Cambodian noodle bar. The owner is Ratha Chau (of Fleur de Sel) and he's starting off with the right formula for the neighborhood: communal tables, family style plates, and fairly late hours (1 AM on weekends). Though the quality of the food is still a wild card, its Stack proximity ups the utility of both venues. [DailyCandy]

Have you some Dish of your own? We'll take it from here.