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BREAKING: Ramsay's Two Hour Time Limit Returns?

Just before its grand NY debut, Gordon Ramsay took some flack regarding an alledged two hour time limit that was to be imposed on diners. Ramsay denied said charge, said his guests were welcome to sit as long as they wished, and all seemed well in the world again. But today, as part of our unexpectedly Ramsay afternoon, Eater has received some information to the contrary:

So after Ramey was quoted in the NY Post saying that the 2 hour time limit in his dining room was rubbish and "a mistake by a reservation agent" it appears the 'mistake' continues. My husband booked a table today for his sister and her boyfriend who will be in town in february from the UK. He was told specifically to tell them that there was a 2 hour time limit for dinner before you relinquish your table and move to a lounge to finish your drinks, etc. So I dont know if it was always the case for the London Bar (vs. the formal dining room) and he just failed to fess up to that or what....but according to the restaurant, the rule is definitely in place. Personally I have no interest in going to the London Bar or the formal dining room with that sort of nonsense in place.
If true, this is going to leave a mark. There is no good reason why two hours need be a cut off, especially at a restaurant that promises a luxurious dining experience. The only real way to see what is happening, obvs, is to do a field inspection. Ramsay, you are on notice--and on the clock.
· Dining by Stopwatch [BruniBlog]