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ShutterWood: 'Wichcraft Flatiron, The House, Jobee's Orient, Monsignor's

Slow week on the Plywood and Shutter fronts, so in a move that merges death with rebirth, we're bringing the two together in this very special edition of ShutterWood.

2006_12_wcraft.jpg1) Flatiron: An Eater reader emails, "New Flatiron location of ‘Wichcraft to open 'this winter' on 20th just west of Broadway, north side of the street. My cam phone pic is too dark to make out anything good, but here it is anyway (right)." [PLYWOOD]

2) Gramercy: "have you guys heard anything about THE HOUSE on east 17, in the old fletcher and parry space? walked by yesterday, they said opening soon but VERY tight lipped about the details." As it turns out, blogger Please Don't Pass the Nuts stopped into the space recently and caged some details—comfort food, classified chef, top-secret owner—before being summarily dismissed. Click on through for more intel and a well placed harrumph. [PLYWOOD]

3) Chinatown: Three months after closing for health reasons, Jobee's Orient remains shuttered, the Post reports. Owner wants to reopen, but it's not looking good. [SHUTTER]

4) Williamsburg: The photo below (via the Eater Photo Pool) and this description by shutterbug Will Femia capture the very essence of ShutterWood: "Monsignor's closed. We noticed it was shuttered over Thanksgiving and a few days later the real estate sign went up. I have to assume the taco place that worked out of the back is also closed. That's a real shame. Now comes the time to hope/dread what goes in there. Will it be a cool place like some of the other corners of the park (Luncheonette, Mamalu, er... Turkey Nest) or will the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins trend that just went in a block away spread to this corner with another chain restaurant?" [SHUTTERWOOD]


Seen something close in your neighborhood? Or something about to open? Please, share the love with the tipline.