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Levine Launches Serious Eats: An Eater Preview

On Monday, Ed Levine, aka The Missionary of the Delicious and blogger extraordinaire, will launch his gastro-community and culinary content aggregator Serious Eats. The site is run by Ed, along with Adam Kuban, Managing Editor; Meg Hourihan, Senior Advisor; and Alaina Browne, General Manager. Serious Eats promises "to provide the best, most satisfying food- and drink-related experience on the internet." Certainly, there will be a strong focus on video: At launch, they debut a video series Tables for Two, featuring Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman and, in episode one, Jeffrey Steingarten.

To Ed and his team: Congratulations and welcome to the dance floor. The site has been a long time coming--readers of Ed Levine Eats might have noted a password protected link to Serious Eats sitting at the top of the page for the last several months, which is to say nothing of the planning and plotting that preceed that.

By special arrangement for you fine people, the next three days will offer Eater readers a special preview of the site. It is accessible using the link/credentials just below. Enjoy.
· Serious Eats (preview) [; user: serious, password: eater]