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EaterWire: McNally Declares Winter

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· At right, the scene this morning outside an eatery in Soho known as Balthazar. Restaurateurs, consider yourselves on notice: The McNally has declared that winter is upon us. [EaterWire Field Report]

· Last month, FloFab reported the news that chef Michael White had departed Steven Hanson's three-star Italian restaurant Fiamma. Comes an Eater tipster to put a finer point on it: "i work for the br guest chain of restaurants and given how shitty they treat just about everyone i couldn't resist sending you this little update. turns out the steven hanson the slave-driving owner finally pushed his three-star chef at fiamma, michael white, too far. not only did he quit but he did so just weeks before his very own cookbook was being released. i guess they can use the books as paperweights now. even though he would have received tons of press it apparently was not worth it." []

· Courtesy of our friends at eGullet, Eater has a new motto: "Everything wrong with food journalism." T-shirts to follow.

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