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EaterWire: Mehanata Maybe Open, Ye Carter Inn, Beatrice!

· Drying of NYC regular Mehanata is back open, according to Slavs of NY, who are, really, the authority such matters. They report that, as of Friday, the bar had reopened. We'll note that it's entirely likely that they did reopen only to be raided and shuttered anew, so as has always been the case with sketchy Slavic bars with no rules, do call ahead. [Slavs of NY]

· Information regarding the days-away Ye Waverly Inn is coming in on the transom as we speak. Extremely sketchy intel indicates that there may be activity in the building as early as mid-week. A team of operatives have been dispatched to investigate. As it came into us, OMGOMG. [EaterWire]

· Cutlets has more on The Beatrice, which got the Eater Dish treatment last week. DJ Paul Sevigny is an owner. His plan: "The whole idea behind the bar-restaurant is bringing things back to NYC, like American and New York things." Monday Scrabble sessions and Italian-food specials will cater to the old regulars. Saturday nights will be so-called jacket-and-tie affairs. When we were there, the D.J. spun everything from metal to Motown, and there was dancing and decadence aplenty." [Cutlets]

· Gawker has an emailed response to Molto Mario's choice words for his landlords. We'll ask you to click on over to raunchier parts for the payoff to this one. [Gawker]