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The Shutter: Korova Milk Bar, Sazerac House

The Shutter reports on restaurant and bar closings around town. Be very afraid.

2006_11_sazerac.jpg1) West Village: An Eater reader emails, "Was walking down Hudson Street last night and noticed that Sazerac House, the restaurant at the corner of Charles (right), was closed. Apparently it had been there for 40 years. A sign said Bayard Ale House was coming in its stead and was likely to open in mid-November. I would rather it was Blind Tiger Ale House coming back to Hudson Street but Bayard's could be an interesting add to the West Village." [Official Site] (UPDATE: Apologies—we're late to this news. The Villager had the scoop a month back.)

2) East Village: From another Curbed/Eater reader: "You guys covered a story about the Raven Bar closing due to a fire but going to my normal Halloween haunt last weekend i was shocked to see not only the red rooster bar closed as well (also mentioned by you) but the Korova Milk Bar (Clockwork Orange themed bar). Its been there for 10 years and now they have 'sold its space to another operator.' They are looking for a 'place outside Manhattan. Saddens me as they had amazing ice cream liquor shakes. Hear of any rumors as to where they are going?" [Official Site]