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It's a Blog: Eater LA Launches

It's a special day in these parts, friends. We're pleased to announce the launch of Eater LA, the Curbed Network's second foray into La-La Land and a blog that will do exactly what it sounds like: obsess and opine on every last square inch of the Los Angeles restaurant and bar scene.

To the west our rules of engagement, or lack there of, will be as they are on this coast. Expect plenty of critic policing, Plywood, Dish, Shutterage and the like. Indeed, even the Deatchwatch will make the trip, though to drop that hammer we might wait a week or so, until we've sufficiently nurtured a false sense of benevolence. In addition, our west coast editor, Lesley Balla, has already put a touch or two of her own on the site, such as Blind Slice, which promises to be quite the gossip party. And there do seem to be a lot of celebrities who live in LA, so we might get into some of that, too.

We do hope you enjoy. Of course, your feedback and hazing and tip love are strongly encouraged.
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