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Adventures in Shilling #003

It's time now for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we celebrate the grossest shills from the Eater Inbox and beyond.

1) From Citsearch on E.U.:


My girlfriend took me to the E.U. last night and I had one of the best suprises... The most awesome burger I've had in a long time! She got the Charcuterie plate, cheese, and the Skate and that stuff was really good too, but I ordered one of the three burger's they offer ( the English burger) and it was the best I've had in my neighborhood in a long time. Plus the booth was really comfy and the music was really good. All in all who knew this place would have such a good burger!

Shill Probability: 76%

2) Next on Goblin Market, from Zagat:

This restaurant is just what Soho needs. It is a small place, but the rustic/casual setting is comfortable and perfect for small groups of friends to get together or a date. Good vibes but the noise level is manageable and allows you to have conversations. Singles and couples dine at the bar which in itself is a great neighborhood hangout. The food choices are limited and portions were not huge(perfect for those of us who don't like to overeat) but were made of fresh ingredients and well executed. (the miso marinated hanger steak salad and crab cake I had were both excellent.)

Shill Probability: 88%

The 99%-er is ahead.

3) Back to Citysearch, for what may be as many as seven shills back-to-back. As you cruise through this breathtaking thread on Cronkite, note the bullet points that each of these reviewers so gracefully hit. Note as well their very similar reviewing patterns: either just the one for Cronkite, or two reviews posted on the same day. Here is the most recent of the group:

A Stand Out

While i love discovering unknown and well hidden places to add to my list of frequented restaurants, i wasn't too eager to check out Cronkite because i had kind of eliminated pizza from my meal plan. My friend took me and i was totally blown away with surprise. The pizza is exceptional with a crust that is soft and light. The ingredients were of the highest quality - apparently all meats, vegs and even the dough is organic! I especially liked the spinach pie which is finished with fresh baby spinach and truffle oil after the pizza is cooked. The ambiance is very warm and lends nicely to the comfort foods and standout wine list. I've never seen such a diverse wine list that fosters exploration at such a great value! I was totally lost without the exceptional knowledge and recommendations of my server! I'll definitely be heading back to this one!

Shill Probability: 99%

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