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Eater Inside Holiday Bonus Edition: Vamos Tacos & Tequila

Rounding out our Thanksgiving Week Inside extravaganza is this Holiday Bonus Edition. Again, there's nothing here that warrants mass hysteria, though one trip to Vamos isn't going to kill you either. Enjoy.

[Kalina, 11/20/06.]

In the eastern most reaches of Gramercy -- or the very Southern tip of Murray Hill, if you prefer -- is Vamos Tacos & Tequila. It is precisely what it sounds and looks like; see esp. their Brunch 'one drink, one main, two sides, coffee' special for $16. Owners of Petite Abeille, a branch of which is right next door, are backing this restaurant and so you can expect solid far and a workable drinking environment, especially if you're in a ten to fifteen block radius.

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