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Eater Inside: Pasita

The city should prove somewhat quiet for the next couple of days, at least areas other than Times Square, which means if you're in town you can sneak into some of the newer, smaller joints of the moment. None of them are press darlings, but all of today's Inside picks are worthy of at least one trip. Enjoy.

[Kalina, 11/20/06.]

Pasita did a quick change on the space that was formerly Gioia Pizzeria & Vinoteco in late summer/early fall. Now the venue is probably best described as a Venezuelan Pizzeria. Indeed, the brick oven has survived the transition, forutnately, as did the warm, cozy vibe. Order the Margherita pizza for safety; the Ropa Vieja (spiced beef, carmelized onion, manchego and red pepper) for the novelty. As an added bonus, Il Laboratorio supplies gelatos.