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Dish: SuperMac, Klee, Hurapan Kitchen

Looking for a few new holiday weekend dining ideas? Beyond today's Inside orgy, Dish has got you covered.


1) SuperMac The Penn Station hordes get answer to S'MAC. SuperMac (seen in plywood earlier this month) has opened its doors on Seventh Avenue between 28th and 29th. Reports phototipster WWNY, who submitted the above to the Eater Photo Pool, "Chose the version with Angus Beef, Diced Tomatoes, Red Onions, Aged Cheddar + Breadcrumbs. Y'get to see 5 guys in the kitchen bustling around to make this. Very fresh ingredients, great tasting mac-n-cheese, friendly service, but it's a bit of a wait." [Plywood]

2006_11_klee.jpg2) Klee Brasserie: This just-opened newbie, in case you've missed its myriad press appearances, is a new Chelsea brasserie from Daniel Angerer. Reads the RG's instareview, "Klee Brasserie manages to be original, without being affected, a welcome comfort in the wake of the overly predictable bistro menus of late." 200 Ninth Ave. (22nd/23rd), 212-633-8033 [Restaurant Girl, StrongBuzz, NYSun]

3) Hurapan Kitchen: Publicist-types send along word of the opening of this new West Village eatery froma two ex-Rain vets: "At a time when many of Manhattan's newest Asian restaurants are impersonal behemoths, Hurapan Kitchen offers the warmth and pricing of a neighborhood restaurant as well as the sleek styling of its posh peers; moreover, its kitchen features both modern Asian cooking (with a Thai focus) and traditional Thai dishes." Alrighty. Non-flacky take in today's Sun. 29 Seventh Avenue South (Bedford/Morton), 212-727-2678 [NYSun]

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