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The Shutter: Ony, Cedar Tavern, Chelsea Bistro?

With your help, The Shutter reports on restaurant and bar closings around town. Be very afraid. If you've seen something close up in your area, let us know.

1) West Village: Let's start with some very sad news for cheap eaters in this neighborhood, via twin reader reports. a) "Ony, the quirky japanese noodle shop on 6th avenue bet. W4 and Washington is shutting down next week. The woman said that the space would become a sushi bar 'with a very famous sushi chef.'" b) "Unfortunately, down and across 6th Ave., the noodle shop Ony will be closing. Their Menchanko will be sorely missed by us local residents." [NYMag, Feisty Foodie]

2) Central Village: The Shutter has reported before on the coming temporary closing of the legendary Cedar Tavern on University place, but word on the street is that this Saturday is its last day. Once seven stories have been added, the place will re-open; the owner says sixth months, but go ahead and double that just to be safe. [The Shutter]

3) Chelsea: "i heard that the chelsea bistro was closed for renovations until the end of oct, but i just called the phone number and it has been disconnected! any idea what the story is?"

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